Carol has over 25 years of professional alterations experience working with designer and better apparel for women and men. She has successful experience with specialty materials including fine woolens and silks, laces, beading, and leather. Furthermore, Carol has a willingness to tell a client when a procedure is not advisable.

Carol does alterations for me (tailoring blazers, hemming, etc.) and it's amazing how good things look when they really fit ME!  Plus, my husband keeps ripping his clothes and Carol time and again puts them back together so well that we can't find where she fixed them.
          Julie (and Steve), Pasadena
I rarely shop without Carol and I always trust her judgment regarding alterations.  I feel so much more confident in any situation knowing my clothing looks right and moves well because it has been altered to fit me.
          Doris, Pasadena
Carol is the best!  She has the savvy to take things I receive as gifts (that might not be quite my style) and fit them and change details such as buttons to make them work for me.
          Roger, Hollywood