Let’s say your expertise is corporate law or environmental science or crunching numbers, rather than color and style. Carol will consult with you to create a look that reflects your personal style.

Some times you might want to seek professional style assistance:
• Looking for a new job
• Starting a job in a new industry
• Special evening event
• Important business presentation
• Need a flattering swimsuit
• Weight loss or gain
• Business or vacation travel
• Want to accessorize effectively

• Closet Cleaning and Wardrobe Assessment - Let Carol weed out the superfluous, discover new outfits from your existing wardrobe, and formulate a plan for future purchases.
• Shopping Services - Carol will respect your budget, stay focused on your style and find things you would have overlooked while making the process as painless as possible in less time than you imagine. She will gladly make charts of what goes with what if you want this additional service.
• Wedding Wardrobe Planning - Carol can help you select the perfect gown to flatter your figure and a veil to set everything off - so you look fabulous! She can help you choose gowns for your attendants that will be the most flattering to them, even in they come in diverse sizes, shapes, and skin tones - so they look fabulous!

I highly recommend taking Carol along and trusting her judgment when you need to find the perfect bathing suit.
          Patty, North Hollywood
With Carol's travel wardrobe services, you can travel with a smaller suitcase and have multiple wardrobe changes.  The less you need to carry, the happier you will be in today's travel scene.
          Doris, Pasadena
Carol has an exceptional eye for color and style, and her wardrobe planning advice helps me avoid wasting money on fashion mistakes.
          Marci, La Canada
When Carol offered to help me shop I was skeptical, but I had recently lost weight and really needed work clothes.  But she surprised me!  In a couple hours she had my wardrobe refurbished--she was efficient, focused, respectful of my style and very good at finding things on sale!
          Ed, South Pasadena
Carol helped me pick out the colors that look best on me and helped me put together a lot of different outfits by buying clothes that mix and match.
          Stephanie (age 10), La Canada
I have learned so much over the years about what looks best on me.  Carol helped my understand how best to elongate my short waist, what necklines are the most flattering--even what earring shapes look best.  She's very, very good!
          Darlene, Pasadena
A shopping trip with Carol is a lark.  She is very helpful in locating the items on your list and is not hesitant to recommend accessories or other items to compliment your planned purchases.  Yet she always looks for ways to extend your wardrobe without making unnecessary purchases.
          Doris, Pasadena