While the wedding coordinator works to keep the big picture of your wedding on track, let Carol work specifically with dressing the bride and her party.
Before the wedding, Carol will consult with your primary wedding coordinator, the hair and make-up professionals, and the photographer to confirm a time line. The day of the wedding, she will set up the bride’s room and maintain contact with the primary coordinator to make sure everything else is progressing smoothly. She will “police” entry into the bride’s dressing area. She will be aware that hair and make-up are proceeding on schedule.
Most wedding gowns require special dressing assistance. Carol will help the bride into her foundation garments, gown, and accessories. She can assist the hairstylist with the veil if necessary.
Once the bride is dressed, Carol will work with the photographer during any pre-wedding family/group shots. She will gather the groups of people and coordinate things to be sure that the bride and groom do not run into each other (if this is important to them). She will fluff the bride and check other people in the photos for details.
Carol will accompany the bride into the pre-ceremony holding area. She will do a final check of attendants and the bride before they walk down the aisle. Between the ceremony and reception, Carol will work with the photographer once again. Carol’s final responsibility will be to tie up the bride’s bustle before she enters the reception.

On my wedding day, Carol helped dress me and check out the details of my attendants.  She stayed with me all day, helping me walk and move in this beautiful work of art, fussing with make-up and generally assisting whenever needed.  It was a blessing to have her calm presence there.
          Teresa, Pasadena