In order for your gown (or any garment) to look its best, your foundation garments must fit perfectly. Maybe you are full busted and require serious support. Perhaps your wedding fantasy includes more cleavage than nature gave you. What if your gown has an unusual neckline?
Carol will start the process by shopping with you. Then she will adjust, move straps, alter, pad, and properly fit your bra until it feels secure and flatters your figure. She will even make custom corsets or petticoats should you need or want that look.

If what you need has anything to do with clothing, you are fortunate to have found Carol.  Over the years, I have used many of her services including alterations of day wear and evening gowns.  She's a specialist at bra "enhancement".  She does an exquisite final pressing of wedding gowns.  Carol is brilliant!
          Patty, North Hollywood

I searched every lingerie store and department for something that could suit my needs, but came up short. I presented Carol with the closest thing I could come up with and she made it not only work, but work wonders. The boning no longer poked out of my dress and she supplied me with the padding up top that I was dreaming of to really hold up my strapless gown.
          Ann, Newport Beach