If your mother’s (or aunt’s) wedding gown has always seemed like perfection to you, Carol can restore/restyle vintage gowns that are in reasonably good condition. Carol has the expertise to do the fitting, redesign (if neccessary) and sewing to restore your heirloom. (This process will most likely require specialized cleaning services offered exclusively through French Hand Laundry in Pasadena.)

When I brought my mother's 1954 wedding gown to French Hand Laundry to inquire about restoration, they took one look at the gown and said "only one person is qualified to do this, and that is Carol Vick."
The gown is delicate embroidered French silk lace over silk satin with a 6 foot train.  It needed an artist to restore it to its original heirloom beauty and to alter it to my size, and Carol did so, adding a modern touch while keeping its original vintage feel.
          Teresa, Pasadena